A relaxing trip to Higashiizu

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  • Kaori Kuwazawa
  • Takao Ohta
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  • Fall asleep and wake up to the sound of the waves.The IZU-IMAIHAMA TOKYU HOTEL in Higashiizu is the perfect place to have such an ideal holiday.

  • From the moment you pass through the entrance on the third floor, your extraordinary time begins. Part of the front space is open ceiling, and the first floor is illuminated by bright light from the skylight, with colorful red and yellow flowers and palm trees. Beyond the glass is a garden of beautiful grass and flowers, and far away is the blue sea of Izu. Walking outside on a beach gives off a faint smell of the tide. As the sun sets, the colors of the sky and sea blend together.
  • All the guest rooms that are twin rooms or larger rooms have an ocean view. You can see the blue sea from the balcony and feel the sea breeze. The sound of waves coming from afar even when you are lying in bed leads you to the dreamland like a lullaby.
  • From the “Japanese cuisine Azuma” and the “Restaurant Shangri-La”, you can enjoy the seafood of Izu while looking at the sea. The pungent taste of the fresh wasabi from Kawazu that often appears in the dishes will be a memory of your trip.
  • At the open-air bath, you can soak in the hot water while listening to the sound of waves nearby. If you look up, you will see a sky that is completely dark and clear, and a starry sky that you cannot see in the city.
  • We recommend you to enjoy the sea at night with the “Bar El-Roca” original cocktail “Imaihama Sunrise”. The orange-colored gradation is beautiful, reminding you of the sun rising from the Imaihama sea. The fruity taste also creates a special night.
    In this hotel, you can feel the sea close wherever you are. You can enjoy a relaxing time just looking at the sea and listening to the sound of waves without doing anything. It's nice to spend such a luxurious holiday once in a while.