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  • Six months have passed since Mr. Takuya Ebe moved to Osaka from Tokyo. He commented, “I have been charmed by Osaka’s generous culture and the diversity of foods.” Mr. Ebe is the Editor-in-Chief of ‘Amakara Techo’ that offers useful information on culinary culture and is the leading magazine in this category in Kansai area. He added that it was especially remarkable that waterfront districts such as Nakanoshima and Dotonbori have their own very interesting features.
  • “The area around Nakanoshima is a place having the advantages of both business and old, traditional zones. While there are many headquarters of financial institutions and large businesses, you can find a traditional- style streetscape when you enter a backstreet just one alley away. At such times, I feel strange as if I wandered into a town in Asia from the big city. Even in the area near Dotonbori, a sophisticated atmosphere like Ginza in Tokyo, where high-brand shops line up along the street and a friendly feeling of an old town are mixed. And at the center of these areas, rivers play important roles, you know.”
  • Mr. Ebe says that it is a part of Osaka’s culture that makes you feel familiar with the city, though it is actually a big one. On days off, he always goes cycling along rivers and drops in cafes and restaurants without a plan. Sushidokoro Kurosugi was also one of these unknown places, which he happened to find inside the new Daibiru located very close to Oebashi bridge. He said, “Kurosugi may not be a kind of restaurant where you can go casually. They serve authentic Edomae Nigiri Sushi items that taste rich and delicious. If you plan to visit the restaurant for the first time, I recommend trying to go there during lunch time.”

Sushidokoro Kurosugi

Takuya Ebe

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