I went to the “Hint Market”, where it can make your lifestyle joyful, at Shibuya Tokyu Hands.

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  • Today, I visited Tokyu Hands Shibuya that is located at the center of Tokyo!

  • And this time, I am with Alisa who is also really popular on Instagram.
  • When we think about Tokyu Hands,
    We usually consider it as a department store that sells everything.
  • However, when you look them you look it up on the internet, their website appears with a word “hint market”.
  • That exactly sounds how Tokyu Hands would say.
  • They have all the exciting stuff in one building, so that you don't have to go there because it “has something you want specifically” but you go there because you will discover something new while shopping.
  • So, here is where we have been today!
  • The “Ink Studio” workshop in front of the elevator of 5A floor

The “Ink STUDIO, Original Ink Color Creation”

  • You can combine the colors of your own preference to create your “only-one” original color.
  • I have never tried this before.
    With a romantic imagination, just thinking about using that ink to write letter,
  • I went in and gave it a try.
  • There were 9 base colors in total.
  • From your left, they are: …#1 Smoke Black,#57 Aqua Blue,#55 Aurora,#41 Leaf Green,#28 Silky Purple,#21 Cyclamen Pink,#11 Flame Red,#30 Sunny Yellow,#62 Earth Brown
  • All of them are so pretty and bright.
  • You can choose up to 3 of your favorite colors from those, and just mix them up.
  • The balance of the color will change easily depending on how you use the syringe, therefore you have to be really careful with the measurements of ink.
  • It actually took a lot of time for me to decide what color I want, so I kept examining while trying with different color combinations.
  • The colors are all slightly different and that is also what make your color original.
  • I decided to use a pink base for my color.
  • The process was more complicated than I thought it would be. “What if I mix this and that color?” “I wonder what color I will create with those?” “Should I add some purple tone to add shadow to my color?”… There were a lot of questions that I have encountered.
  • But hey, isn't that the most fun part of this whole workshop?
  • You would record your own “ink receipt” on what ink and the portion you have decided to use, and give it to the shop,
  • And then, you wait for its birth!
  • While I was waiting for my ink to be done, I also checked other interesting stuff in the store, and let me also quickly show you some of those.
  • Me and Alisa got attracted to this!
  • A small ring shaped container decorated with just random flowers.

    Those flowers – you pick up on the roadside – even without name,
    That is the nature delight of the road,
    May them bring you adorable scent

  • What a lovely phrase.
  • The middle part you can easily take it out,
    And the bottom part is transparent so it is not heavy.
    Just put them on your desk or dining table,
    And that will turn your home to a lovely space.
  • It is a recommended item not only for Japanese but also for foreign travelers.
  • While I was checking out these interesting stuff, my Ink is ready!!
  • Here is how it turned out:

  • Tadah~~~~~
  • I named it “Kiss”
    The color gave me an image of a mature and sexy woman,
    so I gave it a name on my first sight.

  • By the way, Alisa created a black-based color, and she named it “Black Cat”.
  • It was a mature and calm color and I like it too.
  • You don't wanna miss this engaging workshop, so don't forget to go ahead and create your own original color ink.
    * The workshop is only available in Japanese.

“Ink STUDIO” Original color ink formulation Details

  • Period:Please check the Tokyu Hands website (Tokyu Hands Shibuya store, SHIBUYA STUDIO https://shibuya.tokyu-hands.co.jp/studio/studio/5a/post.html
    Participation fee / conditions:¥1,800 + tax
    Time required:About 120 minutes
    Capacity:2 people at a time (4 people a day)
    Venue:5A floor (Ink STUDIO)
    Reception place:5A floor (Ink STUDIO)

TOKYU HANDS Shibuya Store

  • Address:12-18 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
    Phone number:+81)3-5489-5111
    Opening hours:10:00~21:00
    Nearest station:7 minutes on foot from Hachiko Exit of Shibuya Station
    * This information is as of October 2019 when the interview was conducted.
    Please visit our website for the latest information.